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Cost of 10000 Liter Water Tank

If you’re looking for a water tank with enough capacity to supplement mains water, you can look into buying a tank with a capacity of around 10,000 litres. These tanks are great for home, business, and farm use. They offer a decent volume of water and can be bought in a variety of styles and colours.

Water tanks can range in price, depending on the size and location. A small water tank can cost less than $50 to install, while a large tank can cost over $600. When determining the size of your water tank, consider the size of your living space and how many people will live there.

You can choose between above-ground and below-ground models. Above-ground tanks are typically easier to install and require less labor. In addition to the ease of installation, an above-ground water tank saves you money on annual inspections. A ten-gallon above-ground tank can cost around $1,700, with most of the cost coming from delivery and installation.

A 10000 litre water tank has a capacity of 10 cbm and is made of polyester and PVC. It has a temperature range of -30degC to +70degC and is suitable for the storage of chlorinated water. It weighs 930 g/m2 and has a base fabric weight of 250 g.

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