How to Find Your Unknown Grandfather’s DNA With a DNA Test

Finding out your unknown grandfather’s DNA is possible with a DNA test. Since you inherited about 25 percent of your grandfather’s DNA, you can try to find his siblings and parents by testing them. The more people you test, the more likely you are to find your ancestor. You can also try to reconstruct your family tree to find other links. However, you need to get a support system to help you get the right results.

First, build a family tree. You can start by looking at the records of your ancestors, as well as those of your father. These documents will give you juicy tidbits about your ancestors. These records may also give you a good idea of their character.

If your ancestors have left no records, you can try to find them through indirect methods. While it may seem like you need a time machine to visit your ancestor’s home, the chances are that you can still find his descendants. After all, you may be lucky and be able to meet him in the flesh.

The next step is testing your mystery grandfather’s half-uncle. This is much better than testing a full sibling. In fact, half-siblings share 25% of their DNA with their full siblings. This means that your mystery grandfather could be one of your mystery great grandparents.

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