Steel Water Tanks Prices

If you are looking for a water storage solution, steel water tanks are a great option. These tanks can be used for many purposes, from rainwater harvesting and fire protection to irrigation and agriculture. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, with up to 70 percent of their components made of recycled material. They are also ideal for potable water sourcing.

Compared to other types of storage tanks, stainless steel is able to withstand a wider variety of conditions. For instance, it is resistant to oxidation and biocides, making it an excellent option for use in contaminated water. It is also less susceptible to rust and cracking, which are common problems with other types of tanks.

Another benefit of steel water tanks is their low weight. They are about 1/8 the weight of concrete tanks, which makes them more economical to transport and install. This is especially helpful if the construction site is remote or difficult to access. Moving materials can add up, and it is often cheaper to purchase a steel water tank than a concrete one. A steel water tank can be designed into a variety of shapes, including octagonal and conical.

Steel water tanks are also available with customization options, such as customized colors, and side walls. They can also accommodate signage, branding statements, and decals. Other steel water tank accessories include rainwater gutter systems, an external water level indicator, and lockable hinged tank roof manway openings.

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