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What Are the Most Common Causes of Workplace Accidents?

While the number of workplace accidents can vary greatly, the most common causes of injuries can be categorized into five categories. These categories are vehicle accidents, fall injuries, transportation accidents, and vehicle accidents caused by other factors. Vehicle accidents are a particular danger for those who drive or work near moving vehicles. They can result in crushed bodies, severed fingers, and other injuries. In addition, faulty automotive equipment can cause workplace accidents.

Falls from heights are another common cause of workplace accidents. When an employee is positioned in an area that is above the ground, they run the risk of falling, which can be particularly dangerous for the back and neck. As an employer, it’s important to ensure the safety of your employees, as well as your bottom line.

Similarly, running into objects is another common cause of workplace accidents. When a worker is distracted, they may not pay attention to where they are going, and can fall on something or themselves. This is especially dangerous when workers are distracted by cell phones or other distractions. It is also important to make sure that workers wear proper protective equipment like safety goggles, helmets, and protective clothing. You should also remove any unnecessary hazards from your workplace.

Workplace accidents can occur at any time. They can cost an employee’s health, and can also cost the employer money. Fortunately, most workplace accidents can be prevented by following proper safety procedures.

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